Onboarding Connectors & Members

Onboarding in OuiShare is distributed. The endorsing (=sponsoring) Connectors play an important part in this process.

Onboarding new Connectors

New Connectors are onboarded by one of their endorsing Connectors. Here are the steps to be followed for the endorsing Connector onboarding somebody new:

Get an overview: Future Connector journey metamap

5 Steps to onboarding a new Connector

Once the person has given you their letter of intent, identified their 3 endorsing Connectors and the kick-off phase is over.

  1. Ask them for a 1-3 min video about themselves, to introduce them in the Connectors Facebook group to the other Connectors. This is just a very informal video to say hi that can be made with a phone. See some examples.
  2. Add them to the OuiShare Connectors Dashboard.
  3. Complete the check-list on the dashboard to ensure the person has been added to all Collaboration Tools. Since they might already be on many of the tools, make sure not to overlook:
      1. Loomio Groups that are for Connectors only
      2. Adding them to the "group" on slack "Connectors" (groups are different than channels).
      3. Changing their status on the OuiShare website so they appear on the team page and can add content (tutorial here).
  4. Add them to the OuiShare Connectors Facebook group
  5. Send the new Connectors this welcoming message for new Connectors

That's it!

Welcoming & Guiding New Members

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