In 2016, OuiShare's financial management went through a structural transformation, because the network now consists of 5 non-profits (France, Spain, Germany, Quebec, UK) of which OuiShare France, Spain and Quebec have growing budgets.

Therefore, in accordance with OuiShare's governance principle of Autonomy of Communities and Projects, OuiShare no longer has one unified financial management and budget planning. Each local OuiShare entity manages its finances independently and contributes to one collective funding pot to finance operations and infrastructure that all communities share, regardless of location. These activities can be described as the "global OuiShare commons", which primarily concern our work in producing and curating critical and cutting-edge content, as well as running basic operations of the OuiShare network.

Activities in OuiShare Global Commons

Role Amount before tax
International OuiShare Summits 3 000 €
Global Finance & Accounting 6 000 €
OuiShare Magazine English 6 000 €
Monthly Newsletters (members & general) 3 000 €
Social Media 6 000 €
Tech & Web Maintenance / Support 6 000 €
Tech & Web tools 4 096 €
Cobudget Initial Setup & Maintenance 3000 €
Total 37 096 €

Finances by country

OuiShare France

Coming soon

>> OuiShare Fest 2016 Budget

OuiShare Spain

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OuiShare Quebec

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